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Sports Premium Action Plan 17-18




Planned impact

Ensure that children develop positive attitudes to sport and fitness and have access to high quality sports teaching

Maintain current provision where all children receive a minimum of 1 hour of PE per week, including time when the class teacher can observe/deliver/evaluate alongside a sports coach

Children have access to quality P.E coachingChildren have access to quality P.E coaching Children have access to quality P.E coaching

Children have access to quality P.E coaching

Maintain teaching of swimming and indoor sport at the leisure centre despite the lack of voluntary contributions paid by parents

Subsidise the cost of taking all children across the year to enable all children to have access to P.E every-week even when the weather is bad (We have no hall space in school)


Ensure all children can swim to the required standard and many to exceed this

Promote swimming confidence 

Children enjoy swimming as an active activity

Provide opportunities to take part in a wide range of new sport and fitness activities to encourage hard to reach children to participate in sport and fitness activities

Book and deliver a wide range of specialists to provide children with taster experiences of a wide range of sports:



Snow sports








To provide opportunities for more children to engage with a wider range of sports that they may take up and therefore become more active and healthy.

To develop an I can do attitude and resiliance.

To provide teachers with training opportunities.

Promote an interest in sport and fitness activities

Arrange a visit from an Olympic sports-person


To enable pupils to enjoy sport and be healthy.

Promote active play-times

Buy and organise a range of play-time equipment

  To promote active play and engage all children with games

Develop and train Sports leaders in Y5

Source and organise training for children to lead active play-times


To develop leadership skillswith our Year 5 children.

To enable Year 5 children to lead other children in physical games and activities.

Continue to develop competition in and across schools

Organise competitive opportunities and provide teachers or TAs to facilitate.

  Promote competitive games and engage hard to reach children in active sport for fun
Staff training